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About New England Eye Center, Boston, MA at Tufts Medical CenterThe New England Eye Center is a local, national and international referral and consultation facility, providing the most current and comprehensive services in tertiary care ophthalmology. It is a complete clinical and technical center for the testing and treatment of all types of eye diseases and visual problems.

The New England Eye Center services patients in an attentive private practice environment. In addition to our satellite locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts, we occupy a 45,000 square-foot clinical center conveniently situated in the Theatre District of Boston. The Center is designed to meet the technical and professional needs of a sophisticated clinical, research and education facility, but is customized for the comfort of the patient. Our professional and support staff provide patients with not only the best technical care, but also compassion, reassurance and friendly assistance.

Our staff ophthalmologists hold teaching appointments at Tufts University School of Medicine. The New England Eye Center is part of Tufts Medical Center, a major academic medical center in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Tufts Medical Center offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for adults and children.

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To complement the expertise of our professional staff, our equipment and technology equals or surpasses that found in ophthalmic centers anywhere. Advanced diagnostic testing with digital angiography, color Doppler imaging, ultrasound biomicroscopy, retinal thickness analysis, electroretinography, visual-evoked potentials, and optical coherence tomography are available. Our operating rooms are fully equipped with the latest instrumentation for ophthalmic microsurgery, including advanced vitreoretinal surgery. Our clinical laser center offers a range of therapeutic capabilities equalled by few other ophthalmic centers anywhere in the world.

Patients benefit from the New England Eye Center’s position as a major research and education facility. Our physicians and technical staff are in immediate touch with the latest developments in all areas of ophthalmology. In fact, some of these developments are the result of investigations conducted at the New England Eye Center. We offer complete programs in ophthalmology training and education, including medical student teaching, a residency training program, clinical and research fellowships, and an extensive continuing medical education program for practicing ophthalmologists worldwide.