Is there a doctor in the house?
With the Urman family, chances are good

Sergey Urman, MD Is Director
of New England Eye Center-Brookline

BOSTON, MA July 23, 2014 – For Comprehensive Ophthalmologist and Director of the New England Eye Center-Brookline,Urman Doctors Sergey Urman, MD and his sister, Adult Primary Care Physician and faculty member of the Friedman School of Nutrition Yana Urman, MD, practicing medicine is in their blood. Their father is a physiatrist at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center and his two brothers served many years as an internist and an anesthesiologist, respectively. The family’s broad medical expertise became even more diverse when Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist andAssociate Program Director for the Dermatology Residency Program Christine Urman, MD became part of the family, when she and Sergey were married in 2006.

Sergey became a full-time attending physician at Tufts MC in 2010; Christine, who attended Tufts University School of Medicine, joined the faculty in 2011 upon completing her Dermatology residency at Tufts MC. They both helped recruit Yana to Tufts MC in 2013, after she finished her residency training at Mount Auburn Hospital and her fellowship in Nutritional Support at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The Urmans enjoy working at Tufts MC because of the organizational dedication to patient care and commitment to providing a top-notch patient experience. They enjoy the collegial environment in which they work and appreciate the teaching opportunities afforded to them at an academic medical center. As young physicians in three different medical specialties, the Urmans also have the advantage of tapping into their family’s wealth of medical experience, using each other as resources to ask questions, solicit advice and broach ideas. On occasion, they even refer patients to one another.

“There are many challenges in medicine - patient care, regulations, fiscal concerns - and having a family of physicians close by is such a luxury,” said Sergey. “The family connection breeds trust. We relate to each other, rely on each other and support each other. I think that helps make us better physicians.”


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