AMD Study Findings


Recent breakthroughs from the Seddon Research Team

  • We discovered new genes related to macular degeneration: 6 common variations and also rare variants in 4 genes with strong impact on developing this disease. These genes have become targets for new therapies.
  • Overall we have contributed to the discovery of 15 out of the 20 known and confirmed genetic variants related to this eye disease.
  • We showed that eating a healthy diet can help overcome genetic susceptibility.
  • We developed new prediction models that combine genes and lifestyle factors related to macular degeneration, and validated the model. These models are being used in clinical research studies and may eventually be used for personalized medicine. 
  • We reviewed the literature and showed that there is not enough evidence for patients with macular degeneration to stop aspirin use prescribed by their doctor for heart disease.
  • We discovered new, rare genetic variants that strongly increase familial risk of age-related macular degeneration and cause early onset of the disease.