Cosmetic Facial Surgeries

Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift

In contract to the large forehead incisions used in the past to correct drooping of both the forehead and eyebrows, now a new technique involving endoscopy requires only a few small incisions hidden within the scalp. A small telescope is passed through the incision and used to visualize the procedure that takes place beneath the eyebrows. This method of surgery allows for a more rapid recovery.

Mid-Face Lift

A mid-face lift, or check lift, is performed to correct hollowness or black circles beneath the eyes and drooping of the cheeks. Unlike traditional facelifts where incisions are located around the ears, this procedure is performed through small incisions around the eyes. Through this innovative central approach, the fallen tissue can be directly elevated and replaced to its more natural, youthful position.

Limited Incision Necklift

When aging has caused loss of neck definition due to the accumulation of fat and sagging of the neck muscles, a mini-necklift can be performed. This technique utilizes small incisions placed beneath the chin and behind the ears, through which suction-assisted liposuction and muscle tightening are performed.

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