New treatment for Glaucoma available at NEEC

BOSTON, MA January 30, 2017 – New England Eye Center Glaucoma specialists are now offering a new minimally invasive surgical treatment for mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma. The CyPass Micro-Stent device was recently approved by the FDA for use in conjunction with cataract surgery. Research studies demonstrated a significant and lasting reduction in intraocular pressure and glaucoma medications for many patients. This device is considered a major advancement in Glaucoma treatment, and may avoid some of the complications of other types of surgical treatment.

Cynthia Mattox, MD
Cynthia Mattox, MD

NEEC doctors are already experienced with the Cypass Micro-Stent, having been involved with the research studies on this device. The small implant is placed inside the eye during cataract surgery. The Micro-stent is designed to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) by enhancing aqueous fluid outflow through one of the natural drainage pathways of the eye, with minimal tissue disruption.

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