3 LASIK Facts You Should Know

LASIK is one of the most popular elective surgeries performed around the world. Besides that, it’s a proven, effective, and reliable way to improve your vision.

Can you imagine the thrill you’ll feel when you open your eyes after LASIK and you can see without glasses? It’s a pretty amazing feeling and it can be yours!

Keep reading for 3 LASIK facts you should know before undergoing the procedure!

1. Would You Make a Good LASIK Candidate?

There is a high likelihood that you would make a good LASIK candidate! Why? Almost 80% of adults in the United States who are 18 and over qualify for LASIK.

This does mean that there are patients who do not qualify for LASIK. Like any surgery, LASIK isn’t right for everyone. Here are some of the reasons you may not be a good LASIK candidate:

  • Injury or wound to the eye
  • Pregnancy or currently breastfeeding
  • Planning on getting pregnant
  • Unstable refractive error (prescription)
  • Corneas that are too thin

For those with thinner corneas, LASIK can cause serious complications like vision loss. If you have thin corneas, you may be better suited for a procedure called PRK instead.

Your LASIK surgeon has your best interests in mind and will not approve you for surgery if the risk is too high.

2. Will You Be Able to Afford LASIK Surgery?

If you were to opt for LASIK, the out-of-pocket cost could be as high as $5,000. That sounds high but there are plenty of options!

Most patients aren’t paying their LASIK cost up-front.

Options include:

  • Putting your LASIK cost on a zero-interest credit card. If you go down this road, make sure you pay off your procedure before the introductory period is over. This way you can avoid extra fees!
  • Apply for a loan through your bank. You may be able to have payments automatically withdrawn from your checking account. Going through your own bank may result in a lower interest rate on your loan.

If you are serious about LASIK surgery, know that there is a way if you have the will.

3. How Long Does LASIK Surgery Take?

Not long at all! In fact, LASIK takes about 15 minutes per eye. After a short stint in the recovery area, you can go home.

Make sure you have a ride to get home, since you aren’t allowed to drive! Once you get home, resting in a dark and quiet room is highly recommended.

Want more information about this life-changing procedure? Schedule a LASIK consultation at New England Eye Center in the Boston area today!

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