Creative Ways To Save For LASIK!

Want to be able to see without glasses or contacts? LASIK is a great option! But there’s one thing about it that’s tricky for some people– the cost.

If you’ve dreamed of LASIK but don’t have the funds, you don’t have to give up or even delay your dream! There are ways to save and pay for LASIK without having to come up with the money out-of-pocket or put it on a credit card.

Get a Good Vision Insurance Plan

Most insurances have a vision plan. These plans don’t cover LASIK, but some do offer a discount on it. If you don’t have an insurance plan that offers this, consider upgrading.

You can find one that has benefits towards laser surgery discounts. Look around and do the research! Find out what your insurance can offer and what an upgraded plan would look like for you.

Carefully Scout for Special Offers

You see LASIK discounts advertised all over the place, from radio to TV to billboards. Be careful when looking into special offers or discounts that sound too good to be true.

Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it is! But if you’re careful, finding a special offer or seasonal discount in your area shouldn’t be too hard.

Be sure to stick to reputable practices and do your research before committing. If it doesn’t feel right, trust your gut. This is your vision we’re talking about, after all.

Start an FSA or HSA

If your job offers them, now is a good time to put money into a Flexible Savings Account or Health Savings Account. This is a way to put your pre-tax dollars aside as part of your paycheck each month.

Depending on how much you need for surgery, you can save enough for LASIK in a short period of time! Just be sure to find out how much you need before you start saving.

For an FSA, you usually have to spend the money in the account after a year. After this point, the money disappears, so plan things out ahead of time!

Ready to start saving? Get evaluated for LASIK right away! Contact New England Eye Center and request an appointment at one of our locations in the Boston area.

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