260 Tremont Street 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

5 stars 5
The best in his field! Highly recommend!

5 stars 5
I had an eyelid lift with Dr. Callahan in April. I found her to be very pleasant, as was her staff. I had an early morning appointment so little to no wait. The procedure went very well and I am 100% satisfied with the results. I would highly her for this procedure.

5 stars 5
This is a place where everyone are very nice and make you feel very comfortableCaring I always be satisfied after my visit

5 stars 5
His office is very efficient, friendly and never makes you feel rushed. His assistants are very approachable and thorough as they prepare you to meet with the Dr. Robinson. Dr. Robinson spends as much time as necessary to answer my questions. I have seen him twice and recommended him to many of my friends.
5 stars 5
Amazing. I had an unusual situation. I had 2 cornea transplants in 5 days in Portland Maine that did not adhere so I became blind in that eye. The following week I had 2 procedures to insert air in my eye in hopes of the cornea graft adhering. No luck. I saw Dr Wu and she inserted nitrous oxide in my eye and the cornea adhered overnight. I have some healing to do but as of 2 days ago my sight has improved about 50-60%. My waiting time was only about 20 min. I found her to be professional and extremely skilled. She was personable and down to earth. I credit her for restoring my eyesight.

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