260 Tremont Street 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

5 stars 5
Dr. Duker is the best, I would be blind if it wasn't for him and his team.

5 stars 5
If you are looking for a great surgeon, great staff and great results,go see Dr. Helen Wu. She offers more than Lasik and you don't feel rushed through the process!

5 stars 5
Dr. Duker has saved my vision and is second to nobody else in the world. He spends the time needed with each person and is professional and compassionate. Fully aware of all new procedures as he invented most of them.Additionally, his office is managed so efficiently as to minimize the time you are required to be there but you are always treated like a person and not just another case.There is noone better to see period

4 stars 4
Please use its new address 959 Concord St. This is the old one it is miss leading.

5 stars 5
While this place was not very easy to find, it was well worth it once I did. <br><br>I had appointments for myself and my two children, which I know is never easy, but the doctor and the staff made us feel very welcome and gave me some things to entertain my kids.<br><br>Dr Lamoreau took the boys first, and I will be the first to admit, they don't sit still very well. But she was patient with them, got them through their exams, didn't rush them, and did a really nice job.<br><br>Then it was my turn. I've been wearing glasses and contacts my entire life, which means I've have many, many eye exams. This was the best one I've gotten. Period.<br><br>She was quick, but efficient and very thorough. She seems to care very much while she is going through the exam. Usually I feel like the doctor is just going through their "better 1, or better 2" and not really listening or doing much with it. I didn't feel this way during this exam. And my other eye doctors never had two kids playing in the room at the time. <br><br>At the beginning, she asked me what kind of contacts I wear and I told her. At the end, she asked why I wear them and I told her that's what my last eye doctor recommended. She was like, "did they talk about your astigmatism?" which they hadn't. Not one of my other eye doctors mentioned that there are better contacts for astigmatism, and now that I wear them, I love them.<br><br>At the end of all three exams, I noticed we finished right on time, Dr Lamoreau gave us all of our information on what was going on with us, recommended our course of action, and got us back to the front desk to set up our next appointments, which I was very happy (and the boys were happy) to do. She will be our eye doctor as long as she is practicing.

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