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4 stars 4
very professionalanswered all my questions and did stress free cataract surgery. Second eye being done january 2024.

5 stars 5
Great personal eye care and very competent staff and students to care for your issues. Easy access to subway and centrally located for everyone . Super clean and quiet and very professional acting staff!
5 stars 5
I have had nothing but excellent service here. Dr. Liang and her staff are top notch.

5 stars 5
Brought my Mom in for some diagnostics. Our tech, Sandra A., was phenomenal. She was extremely patient with my limited mobility mother and spent as much time as my Mom needed to feel comfortable and informed regarding treatment. Sandras professionalism offset the fact that Tufts didnt have any wheelchairs available for handicapped patients. If it were not for our incredible tech, this review would have only warranted 2 stars.

5 stars 5
1 year ago, a fraudulent spa injected a substance under my eyes and I had an allergic reaction because the substance was not meant to be injected and they created horrible bags. I looked at several specialists and they recommended Dr. Kapadia, known as the best in Massachusetts. 1 year ago Dr. Kapadia said he couldn't do anything until 6 months had passed, I was frustrated because I felt very ugly, but I trusted him. And it was the best thing I ever did in my life. I went back almost a year later and we scheduled the surgery. From the first consultation he was extremely honest with me about my expectations and realities. I had complete security and professionalism throughout the process, before, during and after. I would also really like to talk about the team (they are extremely professional, kind, affectionate), many of them I don't remember the names of but some that I remember I make a point of mentioning. Donna: the person who gave me all the necessary documentation for the surgery, such as payment, medical examination, medications, instructions, etc. Super attentive and dedicated, super available for all my questions. Jessica: She was responsible for my notes, she even called me every day after the surgery to see if I was feeling well and if I needed anything, reminding me of details necessary for healing, if I was doing the compresses, everything is very detailed. Brbara: I have never met such a genuine and loving human being in a professional environment as this woman, she was the first person who took care of me when I woke up after surgery. Brbara has a gift for care. This woman is blessed and contributed 100% in a unique way to make my day full of joy. My experience was not just a simple surgery, but surgery with the best surgeon in Massachusetts and the best team in Massachusetts, details make the difference. You make a difference in people's lives, thank you millions of times. Today was my 1-week appointment after surgery, I can already see a huge difference, my high self-esteem has returned. Dr. Kapadia has already cleared me to start my routine because my recovery is great. Thank you for everything

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