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5 stars 5
I had decided to see what I could do to lose my glasses. Thought I'd try a"free consultation" and went to a Lasik center. They did about 15 minutes of tests and then said I'd have to come back to see a doctor - at a cost. Decided to check out New England Eye Center. The first contact I made informed me there were many options besides just lasik, and they could give me all of the options. She was very helpful, answering my email questions pretty quickly. I set an appointment and made the drive into Boston, not too bad once off the Pike. The receptionist, the assistant, and the doctor were all professional, very pleasant, and explained what was being done very well. I was there for about 2 and a half hours (they had told me to expect 3-4 hours) and received a very thorough eye exam, with the doctor explaining what couldn't be done (lasik), but more importantly what could be done that would be a more permanent solution. I highly recommend going here if you want to explore options to make your sight better. The biggest problem is finding it after parking, their door is right next to the Wang Theatre and go to the 11th floor. Try it, you certainly won't regret it. I'm going back this coming week to meet with the surgeon to discuss the options further and nail down exactly what will be best for me. Will update again as/if I move forward with an option.

5 stars 5
Thanks to Dr. Baumal my eye sight is better than ever in spite of starting with a torn retina rears ago and now AMD.

5 stars 5
Dr. Duker is one of a One of a kind. I was diagnosed with having Wet AMD by Lucy Young a 25 year veteran of Mass Eye and Ear Retina . She had recommended a hot Laser procedure, or injection, my choice. I then saw Dr. Duker on recommendation of a Retina specialist that told me Duker is the best. Dr. Duker immediately diagnosed me with having CSR, He told me to wait, do nothing, it will go away, and it did. I am for ever thankful to him. see no one else, trust your eye to the best, he is the best

5 stars 5
I just had PRK eye surgery last Thursday performed by Dr. Wu and I am so glad I did! The procedure was quick and painless. In fact, I haven't felt any pain whatsoever, just a bit of scratchiness in one eye. From my first consultation, I was greeted with smiles and kindness from the receptionist Linda as well as from all techs, assistants (Christine, Amanda), Dr. Stejna and Dr. Wu. They were able to answer all my questions and gave me specific pre and post op instructions. I highly recommend it!

5 stars 5
For the past 20 years on and off I have used New England Eye Center for my eye care. Earlier this year I started the process for ICL surgery. The consultation was the best experience I have had. The team (who work with Dr. Wu and Dr. Stejna) from the technicians, the assistants and eye doctors and the financial consultant were very professional, personable an informative. What I most appreciate is their honesty of the expected outcome due to my advance myopia.The outcome has been great, I am able to see without eye glasses or contact lenses, and no longer nervous about driving at night. My right eye required a second surgery (PRK) due to my condition, however I was made aware of the possibility from the beginning of the process. From the consultation through the whole process I know the team had my best interest and if I was not a good candidate for the surgery I would have been made aware. I have recommended the Eye Center to family and friends who are also interested in eye surgery. If you are looking to have corrective eye surgery done I recommend the New Eye England Eye Center for their quality of service and professionalism.

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