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Please use its new address 959 Concord St. This is the old one it is miss leading.

5 stars 5
While this place was not very easy to find, it was well worth it once I did. <br><br>I had appointments for myself and my two children, which I know is never easy, but the doctor and the staff made us feel very welcome and gave me some things to entertain my kids.<br><br>Dr Lamoreau took the boys first, and I will be the first to admit, they don't sit still very well. But she was patient with them, got them through their exams, didn't rush them, and did a really nice job.<br><br>Then it was my turn. I've been wearing glasses and contacts my entire life, which means I've have many, many eye exams. This was the best one I've gotten. Period.<br><br>She was quick, but efficient and very thorough. She seems to care very much while she is going through the exam. Usually I feel like the doctor is just going through their "better 1, or better 2" and not really listening or doing much with it. I didn't feel this way during this exam. And my other eye doctors never had two kids playing in the room at the time. <br><br>At the beginning, she asked me what kind of contacts I wear and I told her. At the end, she asked why I wear them and I told her that's what my last eye doctor recommended. She was like, "did they talk about your astigmatism?" which they hadn't. Not one of my other eye doctors mentioned that there are better contacts for astigmatism, and now that I wear them, I love them.<br><br>At the end of all three exams, I noticed we finished right on time, Dr Lamoreau gave us all of our information on what was going on with us, recommended our course of action, and got us back to the front desk to set up our next appointments, which I was very happy (and the boys were happy) to do. She will be our eye doctor as long as she is practicing.

5 stars 5
Today I had a routine eye exam and contact lens check at New England Eye Center in Brighton. Before the visit the receptionist went over my insurance with me on the phone to make sure the visit would be covered and to see if there was a copay. Since I don't understand everything about my coverage I was happy to review my insurance over the phone before the visit. This way there are no surprises. It was snowing and I was late for my appointment but when I arrived they said no problem and it was a few minutes before Dr. Lamoreau came out to the waiting room to greet me. She was friendly and nice and she checked my vision with the reading chart in a professional and detailed manner. I was okay with my lenses but said my eyes felt dry sometimes. She did mention the Acuvue Oasis lenses and said they might be more comfortable but she explained that this was because they had a coating that was more wettable and that reduced the need for rewetting drops. I am going to try them and report back to her. I am going to buy my own contacts online. Other than that I did have the dilated eye exam because the doctor said that was part of a complete eye health check and would allow her to examine the full back of my eyes. Afterward she said my vision would be back to normal within a few hours. I checked out at the reception desk with a very nice receptionist named Katie who gave me some temporary sunglasses in case the daylight was too bright since my eyes had been dilated. I am going to return in a few weeks to have a lens recheck and make sure the new ones are performing properly. It only took a half hour and I was happy with the visit.

4 stars 4
I had Visian ICL surgery here with Dr Wu and the rest of the staff. <br><br>The people:<br>First off let me say that I found everyone to be very caring and professional. I trust that they are in it for the patients and not the money as opposed to some of the glitzier eye surgery places seem to focus a lot of their energy on appearances. (which you probably end up paying extra for...)<br><br>The facilities:<br>The actual surgery happens at a shared facility in Waltham that almost off the area eye surgeons use so it's not like there's a difference if you choose a different doctor. It's almost assembly line like. 5 or so people beside each other in the prep area. Separated by curtains. But I guess it keeps costs down. Person next to me was freaking out a little bit. I was okay with it but I could see if you were nervous to begin with and you got this other guy freaking out beside you it might be a little contagious.<br><br>All the pre-surgery stuff had to be done at the Boston office which can be a little inconvenient if you don't live or work in the city. Not the newest or most state of the art place but I wasn't bothered by it. There are occasional Saturday appointments available to that made things easier. The good thing is that some of the followup visit can be handled at satellite offices (Wellesley for me).<br><br>The results:<br>I'm at like 20/40 now with a little halo/double images at night. When I put in a contact lens that only has astigmatism correction that goes away and I have 20/20. Explanation from the doctors: I had astigmatism before the surgery but because my vision was so bad it was such a small contribution to my poor vision that it didn't cause halos or double images. The surgery corrected the near sightedness (spherical?) so now the astigmatism (cylindrical?) is more apparent. This was told to me after I brought up the issue in my followup visits. Would have been nice to know PRIOR to the surgery! Post surgery PRK touchup is actually included in the cost of the procedure but I chose not to do this because one of the supposed benefits of ICL is that they don't need to disturb the surface of the eye. Also, arranging rides, vacation days, etc for another surgery was not worth it. So basically my vision is good but not as good as with contacts before surgery unless I wear contacts for astigmatism.<br><br>I was -9.00 and .75 astigmatism prior.<br><br>For something like half a year after the surgery things felt like they were a little bruised. Focusing on things very close up seemed to strain the my eye or something. Hard to describe the sensation. Maybe 'bruised' isn't the best word.... It's gone away now.<br><br>So it seems like the doctors did the best that could be expected given how my eyes were and the available ICL. Had I known all this prior to the surgery, I probably would have waited for the toric ICL to be FDA approved. It's been in other countries for several years now, just not in the US. Although I've been told that my minimal astigmatism may not have qualified for the toric lens since it's meant for people with much more.<br><br>Cost:<br>I found NEEC to be about half the cost of some of the other places. Not sure how the other places justify this. Dr Wu has performed a lot of these surgeries and is a prof at Tufts Med School. Not sure what else you would want. If you go somewhere else, make sure that you ask the doctor how many of these surgeries they've done. The answer might be none even though they're offering it!<br><br>4 stars because there's always room for improvement and I have no other point of reference for this type of experience.<br><br>p.s. You can park in the garage but if you're not going to be there too long and want to save some money, there's a lot of metered spots around too.

5 stars 5
I had Lasik done a while ago and had a great experience. The surgery itself took around 10 minutes and I could see even better than the doctor's pre-op prediction. Although I'm still in the early recovery stage and my vision has been fluctuating somewhat, I'd definitely recommend to anyone who's a suitable candidate.

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