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5 stars 5
I had iLASIK surgery at NEEC in August of 2008, and could not have had a better experience! I am grateful to Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Stejna who were so thorough and attentive to my questions going into the procedure. I woke up the next day with 20/15 vision and still have the same vision today. I recommend LASIK to everyone that has contacts or glasses as a great way to return to normalcy. It was the best feeling when I renewed my driver's license the following July and passed the eye test without hesitation.

5 stars 5
My husband got lasik here last month and we couldn't recommend it enough. He went on and on about how great they were in the consult appointment, the following appointment, and then the surgery. <br><br>I showed up the day of the surgery to pick him up and the nurses brought me in a separate room before he was ready to go to fill me in on how he did and to warn me exactly how drugged up he was so I wouldn't be too shocked at how loopy he was. They were all great nurses and you could tell that they really cared about their patients. <br><br>A week after the surgery, in the follow up appointment, my husband tested 20/15 vision after his initial test of 20/200 (something like that). He's more than thrilled with the results and this place is as good as it gets. <br><br>Sidenote: 1st responders get 40% off (he's a firefighter so it wasn't as expensive as it should've been because yeah.. lasik is definitely expensive).

5 stars 5
This place was THE BEST! Everyone, from the Doctor (Goldstein) and the staff were amazing. They were always friendly every step of the way. If you're thinking of getting the lasik surgery done, I highly recommend the Lasik institute (also known as the New England Eye Center). <br><br>And how cool was it I got the Lasik surgery the same day as a Celtics player. That was awesome!

5 stars 5
I went to bed with a red eye emitting green discharge and woke up to more of the same, yuck! What's a girl to do? I declared myself in a state of eye emergency and called my local ophthalmologist, whose answering service led me here. Other than a cranky, rude receptionist, the experience was perfect. The on-call doctor called me back within ten minutes, discussed my symptoms with me, and invited me to come in to see him as soon as I could. An hour later, I was in his office, and he was patiently tolerating my flinching dislike of having my eyes examined. The whole episode was painless, unlike the French farce that seeking emergency medical care can sometimes be and that I had anticipated. To top it off, he didn't make me feel bad for getting all worked up over what turned out to be pink eye.

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