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4 stars 4
Great experience. Full explanations and visits taken on time

5 stars 5
As botanist, I would say Dr. Helen Wu is like a rare flower in a mystical garden. Her lovely and generous spirit is immediately apparent, as is that of her helpful and knowing assistants. Like a good witch, she dispenses her magic with evolutionary knowledge & expertise. With one look at those shade-throwers cataracts, she knows exactly what to do to help her fellow garden citizens .. and Voila! With one wave of her wand, we can now see our way back home. And now once again, we can view our lush green world with all its perennial surprise and joys divine. Thank you,Dr. Wu.

5 stars 5
I had a cataract exacerbated by laser surgeries on my retina. Dr Ko went over all the options first with pamphlets, then with video, and then in person. We came to agreement on what was best for me. The surgery was great - when the eye guard was removed the next day my vision was so much better. Before the surgery I bought some inexpensive prescription glasses estimating my new prescription, as my original glasses would no longer be a good fit. These temporary glasses are not exactly correct but they are very close!

5 stars 5
I was very attached to Dr Reisman and will miss him. I don't believe I will return to see anyone else.However, I received a phone message today about an appointment for 23 MAY,which I do not have. Check you records for who does have an appointment for that day

5 stars 5
Dr Wu is the definition of top notch cornea specialist and she has a very pleasant and professional staff to go along with her. Highly recommend

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