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Boston, MA 02111

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5 stars 5
Very professional and customer oriented office.

5 stars 5
Dr. Pedram Hamrah is a brilliant doctor. Dr. Hamrah was like the real-life version of the television character Dr. House, who combined his diagnostic and medical expertise to solve the most complex patient cases. He spent an hour with my daughter listening to her medical history, social background, and living environment, and related to her as a whole person. He attentively listened to her story first before examining her. His multidisciplinary team of doctors told her several times that she was fated to live in intractable pain because of neurologic damage in her ocular nerves. As they had no new ideas for managing her pain and offered her a bleak future, I promised her I would find a doctor who could help her, which turned out to be Dr. Hamrah. I am very emotional when I visualize her first visit with Dr. Hamrah. With his new and accurate diagnosis, he kindly reassured her that she could manage her pain and expect to pursue purposeful and enjoyable activities with time.

5 stars 5
Dr. Robinson has been my eye Dr. for many years. Over these many years, I have found him to be a caring and patient Physician. He has always taken as much time as necessary to answer my many questions (I'm 71 yrs old) and to ensure that I understand fully everything about my vision health. My eyes are in good hands.

5 stars 5
Doing my search on the internet for surgery of the upper and lower eyelids, the one I liked the most and the one who in my opinion towards a more natural job was Dr. Kapadia. I contacted the office to make an appointment and in my first interview with Dr. Kapadia he let me know that his procedures did not exceed the limits of what is natural and that gave me a lot of confidence. After 6 months of surgery and seeing the results I can notice the great difference in my eyelids, my eyes are more open and my horrible bags on the lower eyelids have disappeared. The truth is that I am very pleased with the results of the surgery and with the professional attention of your work team. The surgery fulfilled all my expectations and I am very happy. I recommend Dr Kapadia for the good results, professionalism and extensive experience.

5 stars 5
I had upper and lower eyelid surgery with Dr. kapadia and I cannot say enough about the experience from beginning to end. I did have a consult with another doctor in the Boston area and didnt get a huge sense of confidence so I did a bit more research and found that Dr. kapadia has, an incredible background and a ton of experience doing the surgery. That gave me the confidence I needed to go under the knife. I could not be happier with the results. Every step of the way, everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful as well as extremely professional. I noticed during the surgery that the nurses were all really happy and friendly and I think thats always a result of working in an office where you are treated with respect. Dr. kapadia runs an excellent practice. Everyone I encountered were extremely friendly, no one had that burnt out feeling that you often encounter in a doctors office. I commend him for his skill as a surgeon, and also for the practice he is running. I recommend him to anyone seeking eyelid surgery.
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