Sarwat Salim, M.D., FACS

Dr. Salim is available for appointments in Boston, and Brighton.


Research Interests

Dr. Salim has research interests in both diagnostic and surgical aspects of glaucoma. She has published several papers on various diagnostic tools used for glaucoma screening in the office and community for early detection and monitoring of glaucoma. She has served as an investigator on several multicenter clinical trials assessing efficacy and complications of different surgical devices and procedures for glaucoma.

Awards and Honors

2018 Certificate of Appreciation- American Glaucoma Society
2017 Senior Achievement Award- American Academy of Ophthalmology
2017 Certificate of Appreciation – American Board of Ophthalmology
2015-2018 Top Doctors- M Magazine, Milwaukee, WI
2016 Certificate of Appreciation – American Board of Ophthalmology
2016 Certificate of Appreciation – Research to Prevent Blindness
2015 Certificate of Appreciation- American Academy of Ophthalmology for
Exemplary Contributions as Glaucoma Section Editor of Eyewiki,
Online Ophthalmic Encyclopedia
2010-2017 America’s Top Ophthalmologists, Consumer Research Council of America
2013-2018 Recognized as “Best Doctor in America”
2013 Special Recognition Award- American Academy of Ophthalmology
2012 Certificate of Appreciation- ORBIS International, New York, NY
2012 Certificate for Consulting Services and Continuing Medical Education,
Institute of Salvadorian Social Security, San Salvador, El Salvador
2012 Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Leadership &
Contributions (Scientific Program Chair, Annual Meeting of
Memphis Eye Society & Tennessee Academy of Ophthalmology
2008 – 2012)
2011 American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat Award
2011 American Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award
2011 Top Ophthalmologist in Memphis-International Association of Healthcare Professionals
2010 American Academy of Ophthalmology- Leadership Development Award
2010 Certificate of Appreciation- American Academy of Ophthalmology for
Exemplary Contributions as Glaucoma Section Editor of Eyewiki,
Online Ophthalmic Encyclopedia
2010 Certificate of Appreciation for Humanitarian Services- Nuevo Progresso,
San Marcos, Guatemala
2010 Health Care Hero –Community Outreach Category Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
2010 Strathmore’s Who’s Who in Ophthalmology
2009 Recognition Award for Development of Health Status in Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq
2008 Physician’s Recognition Award from American Academy of Ophthalmology
& American Medical Association
2008 50 Women Who Make a Difference Award, Memphis Woman Magazine, TN
2007 Certificate of Recognition for Medical/Surgical Services- Sarawak, Malaysia
2004/07 Certificates for Humanitarian Services- Guatemala

Biography and Personal Interests

Dr. Salim is passionate about education and regularly contributes to her field through research and peer-reviewed publications, books, book chapters, and lectures. She has served as a scientific program chair for many local, national, and international meetings and has been a recipient of several awards for her leadership. She has a keen interest in international ophthalmology and public health. She has traveled extensively to provide medical and surgical eye care in underprivileged areas, conducted educational programs and symposia with an emphasis on skill transfer and training of local physicians, and has trained many international glaucoma fellows. Dr. Salim is an internationally renowned glaucoma specialist and is recognized as one of the Best Doctors in America and America’s Top Ophthalmologists.

Academic Affiliations/Membership

American Academy of Ophthalmology (Vice Chair of the AAO Council and Member of the AAO Board of Trustees)

American College of Surgeons (Board of Governors)

American Glaucoma Society (Program Planning Committee of the Annual Meeting of AGS and AGS Representative to JCAHPO)

American Board of Ophthalmology (Glaucoma Exam Development Committee, Content Outline Committee, Oral Board Examiner)

Dr. Salim has held other leadership positions at both state and national levels, including board of directors of the Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology, Tennessee Academy of Ophthalmology, Women in Ophthalmology, and Commission on Accreditation of Ophthalmic Medical Programs.

Selected Publications

Vinod K, Salim S. Primary open angle glaucoma – is it just one disease? Current Ophthalmology Reports (in press, 2018)

Sozeri Y, Salim S. Anticoagulation Therapy and Glaucoma Surgery. Curr Opin Ophthalmol (in press, 2018)

Salim S, Christmann L. Medicare Billing and Reimbursement Differ for Women and Men in Ophthalmology. JAMA. Epub 2017 Aug 10.

Slabaugh M, Salim S. Use of Anti-VEGF Agents in Glaucoma Surgery. J Ophthalmology. Epub 2017 June 27.

Green C, Salim S, Edward D, Mudumbai R, Golnik K. The Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubric for Trabeculectomy. J Glaucoma. July 2017 (Epub).

Mo S, Phillips E, Krawitz B, Garg R, Geyman L, Efstathiadis E, Salim S, Carroll J, Rosen R, Chui T. Visualization of Radial Peripapillary Capillaries in Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography: The Effect of Image Averaging. PLoS One. 2017 Jan 9;12(1):e0169385.

Budenz DL, Feuer WJ, Barton K, Schiffman J, Costa VP, Godfrey DG, Buys YM; Ahmed Baerveldt Comparison Study Group. Postoperative Complications in the Ahmed Baerveldt Comparison Study During Five Years of Follow-up. Am J Ophthalmol. 2016 Mar;163:75-82.

Foreman-Larkin J, Netland PA, Salim S. Clinical Management of Malignant Glaucoma. J Ophthalmol 2015

Salim S. Glaucoma in Pregnancy. Curr Opin in Ophthalmol. 2014;25:93-97.

Netland PA, Sarkisian SR Jr, Moster MR, Ahmed II, Condon G, Salim S, Sherwood MB, Siegfried CJ. Randomized, Prospective, Comparative Trial of EX-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device versus Trabeculectomy (XVT Study). Am J Ophthalmol. 2014;157(2):433-440.

Salim S, Du H, Wan J. Comparison of Central Corneal Thickness Measured by Hand-Held and Desk-Mounted Ultrasound Pachymeters in Glaucoma Patients. Semin Ophthalmol 2014 Jan 10.

Salim S, Du H, Wan J. Comparison of intraocular pressure measurements and assessment of Intra-observer and Inter-observer reproducibility with the Portable ICare rebound tonometer and Goldmann applanation tonometer. J Glaucoma. 2013 Apr-May;22(4):325-9

Salim S. The Role of Ex-PRESS Glaucoma Filtration Device in Glaucoma Surgery. Semin Ophthalmol 2013 May;28(3):180-4.

Salim S, Dorairaj S. Anterior Segment Imaging in Glaucoma. Semin Ophthalmol
2013 May;28(3):113-25.

Contact Information

Fax: 617-636-4867

Patient Appointments:
Boston: 617-636-4600
Framingham: 508-879-3204

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