Uveitis & Immunology

The Uveitis and Immunology Service at the New England Eye Center is a unique multidisciplinary consultative service providing diagnosis as well as medical and surgical treatment of all types of ocular inflammation.

Melding the skills and experience of both anterior and posterior segment specialists, we offer special expertise in the following areas:

  • post-operative inflammation
  • acute and chronic endophthalmitis
  • severe, chronic, or recurrent anterior uveitis
  • uveitis associated with systemic disease
  • posterior segment uveitis
  • chorioretinitis
  • pars planitis
  • masquerade syndromes including ocular lymphoma
  • pemphigoid
  • scleritis
  • keratitis
  • severe ocular allergy

We also manage secondary complications of ocular inflammation such as macular edema, vitreous opacification, and corneal decompensation.

For patients with a history of uveitis in whom cataract surgery is being contemplated, we provide pre-operative consultation, and, when indicated, immunosuppressive therapy before and after surgery.

Special services provided:

  • immunosuppressive therapy for uveitis, keratitis, and pemphigoid
  • vitreous biopsy for culture, pathology, cell surface markers, and PCR
  • immunopathologic evaluation of keratitis, pemphigoid, and scleritis
  • anterior and posterior segment angiography
  • quantitative evaluation of intraocular inflammation
Uveitis & Immunology Appointments are available in the following offices:
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