Is LASIK In Boston Right For You?

If you wear glasses or contacts, you may have already started considering whether you could qualify for LASIK. But like any surgical procedure, it’s not right for everyone.

Here’s the good news: only between 15-20% of people are not good LASIK candidates! That means there’s a very high chance that LASIK could be the right vision correction procedure for you! Keep reading to learn if LASIK in Boston could be in your future!

How Do I Know If I’m A Good LASIK Candidate?

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Because LASIK is a surgical procedure, there is a consultation required before you can get it. During this consultation, you’ll find out more about LASIK, as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Before your LASIK consultation, here are some of the most common factors used for LASIK candidacy:


You must be at least 18 years old to get LASIK. This is because, before the age of 18, the eyes are still changing and developing.

LASIK surgeons cannot perform LASIK on anyone younger than 18 because this is FDA mandated. Some LASIK surgeons recommend waiting until patients are in their mid-twenties to have LASIK. By this point, the eyes should be totally stable and no longer changing.

Prescription Stability

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You must have a stable prescription that has not changed in at least a year. Getting a procedure like LASIK is permanent.

There is no point in getting LASIK if your eyes are still changing after you have it done.

Corneal Thickness

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To get LASIK, you must also have thick enough corneas. If your corneas are not thick enough, it’s not safe to remove any tissue during LASIK.

This is a key component of the procedure, as reshaping the cornea is how refractive errors are corrected. If your corneas do end up being too thin, you may qualify for a different procedure like PRK.

Currently In Good Health

You don’t need to be in perfect health, but to get LASIK, being in good health is important. This means that if you have any autoimmune conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome, HIV, or diabetes, you may not be a good LASIK candidate.

Make sure to disclose your full medical history to your ophthalmologist during your consultation.

Preparing Before Having LASIK In Boston

If you find out that you are a candidate for LASIK, it’s important to prepare for the procedure. Preparation before a surgical procedure can mean many things for people, but here are some tips that we recommend!

Schedule A Ride That Can Drive You Home After

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Getting LASIK means that you must be prepared to not drive yourself home on the day of your procedure. During LASIK, your eyes are numbed, which means no pain!

But it also means that you’re unable to drive until cleared by your eye doctor. At the very least, you cannot drive home. Your vision may be a little blurry, unstable, or smoky.

This is all perfectly normal, but it’s not the safest if you need to drive. Find a family member or friend that can drive you to your procedure and then drive you home after.

You’ll probably be a little out of it after LASIK, so you may want your friend or family member to come inside and take care of you for a few hours.

Pick Out A Comfortable Outfit In Advance

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On the day of your LASIK procedure at New England Eye Center, dress comfortably. Ideally, this should be something like leggings, a hoodie, and a comfortable t-shirt.

Do your best to avoid wearing clothing that has a lot of lint. This is to make sure you don’t bring any lint or contaminants into the surgery suite during your procedure.

The last thing you want is to end up with contaminants in your eyes while recovering. Wearing comfortable clothing is a great idea because you’ll want to rest after the procedure.

This is much easier if you’re already wearing clothing you can nap or rest in. Your eyes will be more sensitive than normal after having LASIK, so pulling clothes over your head to change may not be the best idea.

Remove All Makeup And Shower The Morning Of LASIK

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You may love wearing makeup but wearing it on the morning of having LASIK is the last thing you should do. The best thing to do?

Come into your procedure barefaced after washing your face thoroughly. Don’t put on any moisturizers or lotions! You want your face, especially the area by your eyes, to be as clean as possible.

If you wear makeup, like mascara or eyeliner, make sure your face does not have any remnants of your eye makeup. You can shower after having LASIK but you need to do so with your eyes closed.

If you want to feel cleaner during your procedure, shower and wash your hair on the morning of your procedure. The day after having LASIK, you may not want to do this quite yet. The future version of you will appreciate this extra step!

Don’t Make Any Plans For The Day After LASIK

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Getting LASIK is pretty easy, but there’s a recovery period associated with it. If you want the best results after having LASIK, take it easy the day after you have LASIK.

This might mean lounging in bed listening to audiobooks and cuddling with your dog. It may mean having a friend come over to play cards and keep you entertained.

You’ll need to leave the house to attend your first follow-up appointment, but beyond that, keep it chill. This is not the time to plan on going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Indulge in takeout, relax with self-care, and put on your favorite album. In the days following LASIK, your vision will only continue to improve. It may be a process but trust us, it is beyond worth it!

Are you ready to find out if you may be a good candidate for LASIK? Schedule a free LASIK consultation at New England Eye Center in Boston, MA!

Now that you know what to expect, why wouldn’t you want to put yourself on the path to visual freedom?

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